May 16 - 17, 2010

I guess I technically fail at this project now. The last 2 days I haven't taken any photos, as there was a death in the family (my g/f's grandfather suddenly passed away), and we were up early sunday morning and on the road for the better part of the day driving to BC. No stopping for photos, as this wasn't a vacation trip. Monday was spent putting together music and a slideshow for the memorial, setting up the hall, etc. Photography was the last thing on my mind, and so there was none.

Despite now "failing" at the 365 challenge, I will continue to take a photo every day and post them here. Sometimes life gets in the way of things, and this was one of those instances. I'm going to declare that something like this is considered an exception to the rules, and therefore missing 2 days of photography is justified.

R.I.P. Bill.
You will be greatly missed by all who knew you.


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