April 7, 2010

It's fundraising season again. Last year I raised $1700 for the Alberta Easter Seals, a charity organization that helps children and families living with disabilities. All money raised goes to help send the kids to Camp Horizon, a camp that caters specifically to these kids, and helps provide the families with much needed equipment. As part of the fundraiser, I rappel from the roof of a 30 story building in downtown Calgary, that's approx. 375 feet! It's so fun, and I look forward to fundraising again this year.

Any readers who wish to donate can do so here:
Easter Seals Drop Zone

All donations over $20 receive a charitable tax receipt. And for any Americans that wish to donate, you will also receive a tax receipt in American Funds for your donation.

Nikon D80
Nikkor 18 - 55mm
1/5 sec.
640 ISO


Shannon said...

Nice! Good luck with the rappel again this year, I'll see what I can do to contribute! Taking photos on the way down for your blog? :)

Dave said...

Hopefully I'll be able to stop half way down for a photo this year for sure. Or get one just as I'm getting over the edge of the building.

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