April 3, 2010

Easter Dinner at my g/f's parents place. During conversations I noticed the perfect reflections in my spoon and spent my time playing with it.

Canon SD1200 IS
1/10 sec
400 ISO

They seemed to find it a little odd that I was taking pictures of the spoon. Thankfully, I think her family knows that I'm not what you would typically call "normal" and that seems to work fine for them. Also the fact that she and her brother are also in artistic fields probably makes it a little easier to understand "artistic vision"

Canon SD1200 IS
1/8 sec
400 ISO


Suse said...

Ahh yes, the weird looks or over the top of the of the glasses glance or double take as you strike a pose, frame a pic etc hehehe

Shannon said...

These are really great!

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