Still Here and Clicking

Just a quick note for anyone keeping up with this blog.

I know I haven't posted in roughly a month, but I have been taking photos, and I will get caught up soon I hope. Unfortunately, I cleared off all my memory cards that the photos were on, and organized them all on my home computer, not thinking about how difficult it would be to remember which photos were for which days. Luckily, I've got them written down, but the list is at work...away from my home computer. I've finally gotten around to emailing the list to myself at home, so now I'll hopefully start posting from home and get caught up on here. There are a few days missing from the lists, so there may be a few days between some postings as I work my way through them to find the ones for the correct days. Once I'm caught up, I hopefully won't have this happen again.

Keep checking back every couple of days and eventually you'll be seeing photos from the last month.


Shan said...

Will keep checking back! Your recent photos are excellent, looking forward to new ones!

Suse said...

Life got in the way for me, so I've just caught up myself. Looking forward to seeing the new pics

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